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Experienced. To advise with a wide breadth of expertise.

As CPAs and attorneys, Armond Dinverno and Mike Foltz left Price Waterhouse in 1984 to start a law firm after realizing that their tax and legal expertise could help clients make better financial decisions. In 1986, they formed Dinverno & Foltz Financial Group to serve their clients.

In 1987, Mark Balasa worked at a small financial planning firm after working in a small business. He then started a wealth management company for a CPA firm in 1990 that eventually became Balasa and Hoffman Inc.

A better way to serve

Mark and Armond first met at an industry conference in 1992. They built a mutual friendship over the years that grew into profound respect for how each was running their individual business. It occurred to them at another industry conference that maybe they could better serve their clients and help one another by coming together.

Mark, Mike, and Armond merged their firms in 2001 to create Balasa Dinverno Foltz LLC with a strategy to combine the talents of the people and the best practices of each company to create a better solution for the clients of the firm. The result is who and what we are today.

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