Darryl Newman CFP®

Wealth Manager

Why did you choose to be a part of the BDF team?

I was seeking a place with a purpose-driven mission to help others make informed financial decisions to lead richer lives. During the interview process, I met with seven bright, talented, and caring professionals. It was clear that they all shared the same commitment to doing the right thing for BDF’s clients.

What is the one thing you wish every person knew when making financial decisions?

There are legitimate personal and emotional reasons why we wrestle with making financial decisions – and the good news is that there are strategies, frameworks, and techniques to help make those decisions with more clarity and confidence.

What inspired you to choose Wealth Management as a career?

My need to understand my own personal finances evolved into a desire to help others. The more I learned about personal finance, the more intrigued I was to harness the power of the financial planning process to advocate for others.

What does “helping people enjoy a full life” mean to you?

This is really what it’s all about. It starts with helping people prioritize their goals in life – and then having their vision inform the planning process.  A full life for me is being a positive, helpful influence on those around me as well as being a good steward to my family and to those I serve.

What skills or characteristics make you uniquely qualified for this work?

With a background in education and business, I have the heart of a teacher and the head of an account director. I’m genuinely interested in people. I’m also fascinated by people’s money beliefs and how I can help people achieve their goals without their own bias sometimes getting in the way. This combination makes me uniquely situated to understand where people are coming from to patiently provide financial education if needed and to ultimately provide sound recommendations.

Where can we find you when you’re not working?

When I’m not working, you can find me with my wife and our three young children. I may be coaching baseball, cheering loudly on the soccer field, or cheering quietly at piano/violin recitals. My wife and I also enjoy listening to music and going to the movies.

Full Bio

Darryl became a wealth manager from a deep desire to educate, encourage, and empower others to achieve their goals and pursue their dreams.

He believes that financial planning done well provides an invaluable framework for decision-making – ultimately allowing clients to address their unique challenges and opportunities to enjoy their full life. “I learned that there are strategies and techniques to having more wealth, health, and happiness and dedicated myself to advocating for others. I firmly believe that everyone can benefit from a trusted advisor nudging us toward our goals.”

Darryl has been in the wealth management space for more than a decade and has 20+ years advocating for clients in business and education. He brings solutions that draw upon his wide range of prior experience to help clients gain clarity on what they want with a plan to achieve it. Darryl has an approachable and level-headed demeanor – all the while with the heart of teacher.

Darryl completed the Financial Planning Certificate Program at DePaul University and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. He earned a Master’s Degree in Spanish from Middlebury College as well as a BA in Government & Law and Spanish from Lafayette College.

Ask Darryl how he can advocate for you by building a financial plan and investment portfolio to support your life’s goals.