Gary Pattengale CPA, CFP®

Wealth Manager

What inspired you to choose wealth management as a career?

I made many mistakes when I was young and wanted to learn the correct way to do things. That passion for knowledge led to my wanting to help others learn and achieve success.

Why did you choose to be part of the BDF team?

It’s the passion for excellence, working with tremendous people, and doing what I know is right for clients day in and day out.

Why did you choose to get involved on the Investment Committee?

I think my background and experience working with investments over the years, and sharing that experience, can help our clients enjoy a full life.

Who are your role models?

My grandmother and mother always encouraged me to work hard as nothing in life is handed to you. If you want something, you have to earn it.

As an equity compensation specialist, what makes you different? 

Having a CPA background and 20-plus years of experience in this area sets us apart. Executive compensation is a highly technical and complex area, with unique investment and tax characteristics. The wisdom we have gained from helping clients over the years makes us uniquely positioned to provide value by identifying issues and opportunities others may not spot.

Full Bio

Gary Pattengale became a financial advisor because he is passionate about helping others. “If I can make just one person’s life better, I will have done my job.”

As a wealth manager, Gary helps individuals and families develop a blueprint to accomplish their goals. To get to the heart of what’s essential, Gary leads a discovery session in which he uncovers their hopes, fears, and dreams. “Financial planning is about much more than just numbers. It’s about your goals and making wise decisions to achieve those goals.”

Gary’s goal is to do what’s right for each client, which is why he feels at home at BDF. The firm’s comprehensive, tax-efficient approach to planning resonates with Gary because “it’s how I manage my personal life so that I can put my heart and soul into my work.” The fee-only, independent structure of the firm also allows him to focus solely on his clients’ goals – whether they involve maintaining a certain lifestyle in retirement, contributing to a charity or putting kids through college.

Gary began his career as a public accountant, which he uses to help his clients minimize the tax bite on their wealth.

After joining BDF in 1998, Gary spent several years with a global investment bank and an investment management firm specializing in alternative investments before re-joining BDF in 2011. He draws on his experience with other firms to provide his current clients with even greater insight into the strategies that are most suited to their circumstances.

Gary earned a BS in Accounting from Northern Illinois University and Certified Financial Planner™ certification and Certified Public Accountant designation. He is a member of the American Institute of CPAs and Mensa International.

If you’re looking for a conscientious financial advisor who is passionate about helping you achieve your financial goals, call Gary.