Heather Locus CPA, CFP®, CDFA®

Partner & National Divorce Practice Group Leader

Why did you choose to be part of the BDF team?

For several years I owned my own wealth management practice in Minnesota and was relocating to Chicago. I was debating whether to stay on my own or join another firm. When I interviewed with Mark Balasa, I immediately knew we shared the same passion to help people and personal values. That meeting forever changed my life, and I have never looked back.

Why did you choose to found our National Divorce Practice Group?

When you’re going through a divorce, you have to make momentous decisions affecting your future while you likely are experiencing shock, anger, resentment, and significant changes in your social dynamics. It became clear to me how difficult this was when I went through my own divorce.

In this welter of emotions and turbulence, having a safe space to think, regroup, and strategize your path forward is absolutely vital for your well-being. I love helping women and men balance their feelings with the finances to make sound decisions. My technical expertise, personal journey, and over two decades of helping people manage conflicting priorities have given me a unique ability to help divorcing individuals balance the legal, tax, and financial issues with emotional and relational components.

What do your clients appreciate most about you?

My clients tell me that they appreciate how we hold time and space for them to reflect on what is most important in their life. We start our meetings by discussing what a full life looks like for them now. This ensures how they use their money is in line with their evolving priorities. What I appreciate most about our clients is all that I learn from them – many are true “life mentors” to me.

What skills or characteristics make you uniquely qualified for this work?

The combination of compassion and curiosity allows me to really understand what motivates our clients and what holds them back. My extensive training in executive coaching and divorce mediation, along with being a CPA and CFP® professional for over 20 years, collectively enable me to design practical solutions aligned with each client’s unique values. I work with our talented BDF team to ensure each plan is executed and updated as life evolves.

What defines your own personal “full life”?

A full life for me is being open to possibilities and experiencing all that life has to offer. I’m blessed with a wonderful son and daughter who provide joy and learning opportunities every day. My purpose in life is to raise them to be self-sufficient with healthy relationships. Serving clients together with our BDF team is very fulfilling as well. I feel fortunate to help so many families navigate divorce with the least amount of conflict and collateral damage possible. Through founding our BDF Women’s Service Team and my philanthropic work, I have enjoyed having a meaningful impact on women from all walks of life. I love to travel, enjoy new restaurants and wines, and take advantage of any opportunity to be active outdoors.

Full Bio

Heather founded our National Divorce Practice Group to help divorcing individuals consciously navigate their divorce’s emotional and business aspects. From hiring the right fit attorney through our SettleSmart analysis, then implementing the divorce decree and auditing it annually, Heather ensures you have the resources you need to start your next chapter on a firm footing.

Heather founded our Women’s Service Team in 2006 to help female executives and business owners, widows, and women transitioning through divorce. After going through her own divorce in 2011, she realized how much more we could do to support divorcing women and men with a practice dedicated to serving their unique needs. Heather is driven by deep empathy to help divorcing individuals have clarity and confidence in finalizing their divorce.

A Forbes “America’s Top Women Advisor,” Heather is a nine-time “Five Star Wealth Manager” according to Chicago magazine, was named an “Influential Women in Business” by The Business Ledger, a “Top 200 Wealth Advisor Mom” by Working Mother, and an InvestmentNews “Woman to Watch.” Heather is an author of two books on divorce and has contributed to leading publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Crain’s Chicago Business, Family Lawyer Magazine, and Divorce Magazine on multiple topics. She is a CPA, CFP® practitioner, and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) professional and has completed intensive executive coaching and divorce mediation training.

Heather loves learning from her teenage son and daughter and working with organizations she is passionate about, including After School Matters, The Lilac Tree, Between Friends, and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Call/Text Heather at 312-312-2144 or email hlocus@bdfllc.com if you or a friend are contemplating or in the middle of a divorce.