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The financial planning and investment landscape changes at a dizzying speed – and often with conflicting messages. Read our team of experts’ advice on saving, spending, investing, retirement, taxes, giving and more to help you enjoy a full life.

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Key Ingredients: Time, Health, and Money

What factors have made your retirement so successful? This is the very question I asked Doug and Debbie over dinner in their Florida condo overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. I have been fortunate to know Doug and Debbie for over a decade, and they have truly mastered the art of retirement. Deb, as usual, cut […]

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Simplifying Restricted Stock – What You Need to Know

Many companies offer restricted stock awards (RSA’s) in their executive compensation packages to drive performance and attract and retain top talent. The challenge often lies with understanding the value and opportunities of these packages. Today we’ll discuss a very important but not-so-well understood topic, the 83(b) Election. RSAs vs. RSUs First, it’s important to note […]

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Counselor Cobbler, Do Your Children Have Shoes?

There is an old (very old, I think) saying that goes something like this… “the cobbler’s children have no shoes.”  The idea, of course, is that the cobbler is so busy making shoes for other people that he doesn’t take time to make sure his children have shoes.  In my experience, lawyers can quite often […]

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How the New Stimulus Package Benefits Divorced Families

As you have likely heard by now, the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act is now enacted. The package expands relief provisions first introduced in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act and creates new measures to provide relief to the American people. In this piece, we will specifically focus on how this […]

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Do You Need Life Insurance for Life?

Not everyone needs life insurance. Some of those that do can be handled with simple solutions. Others may be best served by more complex planning. Determining Your Need for Life Insurance Insurance of any kind is simply a transfer of risk. Premiums are payments to shift the financial risk from you to the carrier. Life […]

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2 Important Considerations When Inheriting a Retirement Account

When a spouse passes away, the list of things the survivor must do may seem endless.   In the weeks following their death, there are decisions to be made, paperwork to be completed, and lots to track down.   Suppose a surviving spouse is the primary beneficiary of a retirement account (such as a Traditional IRA, Roth […]

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Working Wealthy – It’s Not Easy Waiting

This past winter, I built an ice rink in our backyard. It was a labor of love—for every hour of work that went into it, we probably enjoyed about 10 minutes of equivalent ice time. Even with that trade-off, it was entirely worth the effort. Attempting to be a good neighbor in our new home, […]

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Buy, Sell or Hold: What to Do or Not to Do with Investments (think GameStop) During Divorce

The financial news outlets are always talking about the next hot stock. “Buy this stock, or you will regret it” or “It’s time to dump this stock; it’s done for!” When listening to the 24-hour news loop day in and day out, it’s hard for many investors not to feel a bit of FOMO (fear […]

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Fraudulent Unemployment Claims – How To Spot It, Report It, and Protect Your Identity

The rise of unemployment and the increase in unemployment benefits resulting from COVID-19 has pathed the way for criminals to take advantage of state governments and their unemployment programs and filing systems, resulting in a significant spike in fraudulent unemployment claims all across the country. Criminals take on innocent people’s identities, using their social security […]

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Top 5 Ways To Gift Outside of Cash

When people think about their personal philanthropy, they often envision giving weekly to their church or writing checks to an organization during an annual fundraiser.  However, many people don’t realize that there are multiple other ways to give, some of which provide financial benefits above and beyond a simple tax deduction.  While it’s true the […]

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Gifting of Carried Interest – A Strategy To Save Estate Taxes

One of the common pain points for financial professionals (private equity professionals, investment bankers, and asset managers) that we hear is “I pay too much in taxes.” Most professionals typically are talking about income taxes; however, estate taxes often get overlooked. If you are a private equity professional, one of the great tactics unique to […]

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Important Changes From The American Rescue Plan of 2021

President Biden recently signed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (the “American Rescue Plan”). The package expands relief provisions first introduced in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act from March 2020 and introduces new measures to help families and businesses. What does this mean specifically for you? Below is […]

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