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loss of spouse

3 Ways You Can Help a Widowed Loved One

Many of us know someone who has lost a spouse and are unsure how to act or what to say. There is a delicate balance between wanting to be there for them and giving them space to grieve. The truth is that everyone grieves differently. Here are three tips on what you can do (and […]

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Anxious woman sitting on couch

Working Wealthy – Realizing Your Fear

Fear Is a Powerful Emotion I recently heard someone describe fear in the context of human evolution. The speaker made the point that fear was a good thing for Neanderthals and early humans. The person that heard the dark, threatening noises in the jungle or forest and ventured out into the dark to investigate likely […]

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3 Tools to Help Discuss College Tuition with Children

Schools are out for the summer, but the thought of college tuition rarely takes a break in the minds of parents with high school kids.  This summer, you may want to add another family activity to your list − discussing college tuition.  If you have a child that just started high school, this summer may […]

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BDF team volunteer event

Do Good, Feel Good – Volunteering

Do Good, Feel Good – Volunteering is the first in a series of blog posts highlighting ways that individuals and families can have an impact on their community and the world. Outside of giving financially to an organization, volunteering is one of the top ways those who are philanthropically inclined can have an impact.  There […]

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wedding scene

Money & Marriage: Help Set Your Loved Ones up for Success

Do you know a newlywed couple, a newly engaged couple, or a couple that is soon to be married? If so, you know someone experiencing one of life’s most significant transitions. Even if experiencing newlywed bliss, your loved ones have likely not been able to go their entire life without thinking about divorce or hearing […]

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3 Tips for the “Unnerved” During Market Downturns

The words “unnerving” and “scary” have been uttered by individuals when describing how they feel about the current volatility in their portfolios. Inflation, supply chain challenges, rising interest rates, and geopolitical tension have made for a recipe of concern.  Although the issues are different this time, we need to continue to take a disciplined approach […]

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Market Pullbacks and Financial Planning

With market volatility comes ups and downs. You may pay closer attention to your portfolio when the headlines are flashing red on the screen than prioritizing other aspects of your financial life; it is only natural.  Taking a step back to evaluate the bigger picture can be beneficial to your wealth and stress levels.  When […]

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The 3P’s for Financial Professionals – Passion

One of my favorite questions to ask financial professionals (private equity professionals, investment bankers, and asset managers) is how they define wealth. For some, their answer is largely defined by the strength of their balance sheet or the variety of assets they own. Others characterize it by metrics of their personal success or by the […]

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Avoid These 4 Costly Mistakes with your ISOs

The tremendous upside potential and unique tax benefits of Incentive Stock Options (ISOs) make them particularly attractive for executives. ISOs are complex, however, and mistakes are easy to make, which can be very costly. Knowing a few key aspects can help you make smarter decisions, avoid missed opportunities, and, most importantly, avert disaster. A quick […]

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How to Gracefully Say “No” to Private Investment Opportunities

It seems like a couple of times per month; I’m asked by one of my lawyer clients to review a “PPM” (private placement memorandum) for a new “co-investment” opportunity.  It’s extremely common for law firm partners to get asked to invest alongside their clients, especially if their practice involves any type of private equity or […]

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You Are Ready to Sell Your Business but Is Your Business Ready to Sell?

For most business owners, their business is their biggest asset. It is what they pour the most amount of time, energy, and resources into. Every owner will transition out of their business at some point, but many businesses are not ready to be sold. The retirement plans of most business owners are heavily reliant upon […]

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elderly couple looking into future

Plan For Your Death…So Your Loved Ones Don’t Have To

Death is topic that no one wants to think about. However, the loss of a spouse can be devastating from both an emotional and financial perspective, especially if the deceased spouse was primarily responsible for managing the couple’s finances. The good news is that doing some planning now will ease the burden your grieving loved […]

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