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The financial planning and investment landscape changes at a dizzying speed – and often with conflicting messages. Read our team of experts’ advice on saving, spending, investing, retirement, taxes, giving and more to help you enjoy a full life.

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Working Wealthy – Stress Testing Your Plan

I have written before about the value of having a financial plan. Even the simplest of plans can help with things like retirement spending and savings goals. And you might say, “Sure I have a plan, but I threw my plan out the window in March”. Effects of the Pandemic The recent market volatility from […]

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Lessons Learned: “This Time is Different”

The COVID-19 outbreak has created stress and uncertainty in all phases of our lives. Worrying about our family’s health, learning to work from home while trying to educate and entertain children, and watching our income decline or for some completely go away has understandably caused many to panic. This stress and panic can lead many […]

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FDIC Insurance – Have You Maximized Your Coverage?

During the Great Depression, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or FDIC, was created to instill confidence in the banking system.  On January 1, 1934, the first deposits were insured with a limit of $2,500.  FDIC insurance is backed by the full faith and credit of the US government.  How well do you know FDIC coverage? […]

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The Income Statement – Vital for Businesses and Financial Professionals

Let’s say for a moment that you are solely responsible for investing $10,000,000 into a company – either public or private. With a big decision like that – what would you want to see from your target company? Would you want to see an income statement? A balance sheet? A governance structure with appropriate risk […]

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Money Lessons for Lawyers From the Ball Diamond

April is one of my favorite times of the year.  Certainly not because of the lovely April weather here in Chicago, but because normally it means baseball season is getting into full swing.  Unfortunately, the start of the baseball season has been pushed off a bit due to the impact of COVID-19, but it will […]

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6 Ways to Help a Friend Prevent the Coronavirus From Infecting Their Divorce

The ripple effect of coronavirus has infected everything, and divorcing individuals are not immune. Here are six areas your friends or family need to re-assess if they are going through a divorce along with how you can help. 1. The Divorce Itself Divorce is a lawsuit and is dependent on the court system. Courts across […]

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Six Planning Tips to Consider After the Stimulus CARES Act

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (“CARES”) Planning On March 27, 2020, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was passed. The $2.2 trillion dollar bill provides broad relief across the American economy for businesses and individuals. Below is a summary of how it impacts individuals specifically: Recovery Rebate Checks  $1,200 to each […]

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5 Tax-Saving Moves For Your 2019 Tax Return

Now that tax time is here, you’re probably starting to load everything into your tax preparation software or send documents to your CPA.  There are many tax documents mailed to you or available online, but what about some of the items that are tougher to keep track of?  Here are 5 helpful reminders for items […]

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Financial Planning During Down Markets

During periods of market volatility, it is very normal to pay close attention to your portfolio while putting other aspects of your financial life on hold.  However, there are many important planning items that should not be overlooked during these times.  Here are a few planning ideas that can be implemented during market downturns that […]

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Working Wealthy – How Do I Compare?

The aspect of my job I enjoy the most is the opportunity to work with so many different people and their personal financial planning. Each client has a totally unique background, personal experience and path. But there is one common thread that weaves through all of my interactions. Whether it gets asked or remains unspoken, […]

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Gifts to Children – Making Them More Effective

Gifts are made to loved ones for many reasons.  Parents may just want to give their children financial help or accomplish other worthwhile objectives.  Well-planned gifts can reduce a donor’s estate for estate tax purposes and shift income taxation to or away from the recipient of the gift.  Many objectives can be addressed in a […]

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It’s Comp Season – What Should I Do With All This Cash?

For many law firms, we are in the thick of “comp season.”  For many lawyers, the first couple of months of the year are when you receive the lion’s share of your compensation for the prior year.  This creates some degree of consternation and begs the question – “what should I do with my cash?” […]

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