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The financial planning and investment landscape changes at a dizzying speed – and often with conflicting messages. Read our team of specialists’ advice on saving, spending, investing, retirement, taxes, giving and more to help you enjoy a full life.

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Helping a Friend Through Divorce: What Can I Do?

It’s almost inevitable that at some point in life you’ll have a friend going through a divorce. As a friend, you’ll naturally want to help, but helping a friend through divorce is not an experience most people have learned to do. And, even if you’ve gone through divorce yourself, someone else’s situation may be different […]

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To Defer or Not to Defer

The uncertainty over future State and Federal Tax Rates is creating more client questions regarding deferred compensation plans. Over the past month, a couple of high-earning, commission based insurance producers asked for guidance with the decision to participate in their company’s non-qualified deferred compensation plan. Unfortunately, the decision to participate is not as straight forward […]

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Graduation Gifts with a Tax Break

Summertime brings us joy and excitement in many ways. There’s family barbeques, concerts, and weekend trips to the lake, just to name a few. It’s also a time for new experiences, as fresh empty-nesters pack up their cars and prepare to say goodbye to their recent high school graduates. With the 2017 Fall Semester looming […]

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Social InSecurity?

It often seems that everywhere you look, you’re confronted by headlines about the impending “collapse” of Social Security. There is often so much negative information presented, it’s hard to fully understand the reality of the situation. We’re here to help. Social Security “Bankruptcy” One of the most frequently cited Social Security statistics is that it’s […]

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Working Wealthy – What’s My Number?

Situationally speaking, this question might get different answers from different groups of people. I can still recite the phone number of my childhood home and the number of my best friend. Neither of us has lived at those addresses for over 20 years, but numbers have a funny way of sticking with a person. Others […]

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“Repeal” and “Replace (At a Later Date)”

The great debate between President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) and President Trump’s American Health Care Act (AHCA) has just begun. While the passing of the AHCA is the GOPs first attempt at reforming America’s health care, the final passage is still a long summer away. The House Bill that squeaked thru by a few […]

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You May Be ABLE to Take Advantage of This Investment Account

Earlier in the year the Achieving Better Life Experience Act (ABLE) was passed into law allowing individuals with disabilities to fund a tax-advantaged savings account that could be used to pay for certain qualified disability expenses. An ABLE account works similarly to a 529 College Savings Plan, where the account is funded with post-tax dollars […]

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Keeping I Do, I DO!

Whether you have been married for 50 years or dating a year, your ability to communicate about finances is crucial to staying a happy couple. Couples committed to create a life together understand their relationship is a financial arrangement in addition to a romantic one.  Helping hundreds of families over the past two decades, one […]

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Retirement Savings for Lawyers… A New Meaning to Diversification

Lawyers are generally good at saving for retirement.  Case in point: The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) estimates that the mean average retirement savings in the US is $95,776. According to a source from ABA Retirement, the average law firm 401(k) account balance is more than double that.  Many seasoned law firm partners have even built […]

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Communication is Key to a Family Business

It is has been said that 70% of family-owned businesses do not make it past the second generation and 90% do not make it past the third.  Why does that happen?  Is it because the product or service becomes outdated or that new competition arrives?  Most often, it comes down to a lack of communication. […]

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March Madness and Mad Money

The season is upon us.  Countless hours will be spent (or wasted) across corporate America trying to figure out the NCAA basketball tournament bracket.  Some will do extensive research, dig into analytics, look at what teams the professionals are picking, and figure out their best bang for the buck with their own scoring system.  Others […]

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When I Do Becomes I Don’t: Five Strategies for a Financially Responsible Divorce

Divorce is likely one of the hardest thing you will live through. You may have to make more decisions with your spouse trying to get divorced than you might have made in the next 10 years of marriage.  With every decision having significant financial, legal, relational and emotional impact, it often becomes a series of […]

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