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The financial planning and investment landscape changes at a dizzying speed – and often with conflicting messages. Read our team of experts’ advice on saving, spending, investing, retirement, taxes, giving and more to help you enjoy a full life.

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1+1+1 = STRESS – Successfully Navigating Back To School In Divorce Households

Nothing invites stress into a household quite like the beginning of a new school year. When you add an additional household into the mix, that stress has the potential to increase. Whether you have an amicable divorce, or a complete breakdown in communication with your ex-spouse, there is hope for a smooth transition into the […]

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Estate Planning in the New “Normal”

The 2018 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) that went into effect this year includes many tax law changes, most of which are set to expire at the end of 2025. Among them are important changes to Estate Tax laws with the most dramatic being a doubling of each person’s federal estate tax […]

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Do You Have A Summer Reading List?

Do you have a summer reading list? A few summers ago, I was inspired by Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg attempts to read two books a month while Bill Gates aims to read about fifty books a year. I set off to read five books in the summer of 2016 and on Labor […]

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Planning For Your Personal Exit

In the professional world of finance, everyone is seeking a perfect exit opportunity for their investment. Depending on the specific role, that exit may look slightly different. For private equity professionals and investment bankers, it can be selling an operating company. For asset managers, it can be selling an investment after their thesis came to […]

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Put Your Money to Work

This is the fourth installment in a series of blog posts on “The Big Five of Retirement Planning” which are the five factors that will most profoundly impact how successful your retirement plan will be. Today, we will focus on factor #4 – How hard your money works for you. Saving for retirement is not […]

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Business Buy-Sell Agreements: 3 Areas Need Attention

Buy-sell agreements govern the purchase and sale of business ownership interests when death, disability or other significant events happen.  However, such agreements generally lack in three critical areas. Three areas that cause most concern are valuation, deadlock and retirement.  Most often, owners put together buy-sell agreements that address the easy triggering events, death and disability, […]

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Home Buying Tip: Build Your Team

You’ve made the choice to buy a house, where do you start? Spoiler alert – not Zillow. Get help. You’re going to need it. Buying your first home is exciting and terrifying. Getting the help you need from the right professionals will tilt the scales significantly to the former. You’ll need to fill three key […]

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Working Wealthy – Lend It and Lose It

I was recently speaking with a friend of mine, and she mentioned a straightforward way to deal with family and friends that ask for personal loans:  Don’t lend it unless you want to lose it. Seems a little harsh, right? No, it’s good advice. In fact, at BDF, we often counsel clients on the merits […]

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Impending Divorce: What the Health Do I Do Now?

A key issue keeping divorcing individuals up at night is often: “What will I do for health insurance?” It can seem like a daunting question, but knowledge is power. Using employer sponsored group coverage is typically the easiest and lowest cost solution. At home spouses sometimes decide to seek employment post-divorce in large part so […]

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Key Questions to Consider Before Selling

The number of Mergers and Acquisitions of independent insurance agencies were at an all-time high in 2017, and the market remains strong in 2018 as large agencies and brokers continue to buy up smaller firms. The number of buyers continues to out weight the number of sellers which has created attractive valuations and selling terms […]

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Leaving the Nest: Financial Tips for Young Adults

As we welcome summer, there are more than a few changes in the air. Now is the time when your children and grandchildren will graduate into the next phase of their lives. As young adults bid farewell to their years of schooling, it is important that they understand their new personal finance responsibilities. We recognize […]

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Outlasting Your Life – Defining Your Legacy

If you stop for a minute and think about the future – what will outlast your life? How will your legacy be defined? The last few posts I have discussed issues (love and loss) that are much more focused on the current than the future. Legacy is a concept, for many, that is not often […]

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