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loss of spouse

Protect Yourself Financially After the Loss of a Spouse

Losing a spouse comes with deep emotional grief and an overwhelming amount of complex financial and legal decisions. Many widows are in a state of shock where memory is uncertain, attention span is short, and decision-making seems nearly impossible. Here are three tips on how to protect yourself financially after loss: 1. Don’t rush into […]

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365 new days; 365 new chances

7 Rules for 2022

Happy New Year! One of my favorite holiday traditions is to set goals for the new year and review my previous year’s goals to celebrate and recalibrate for goals that I didn’t accomplish. While working on my 2022 goals, I was struck by a gift my daughter recently received of a poster with the “7 […]

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retirement planning worksheet

Death of the 4% Sustainable Withdrawal Rate?

Recently, the well-known 4% withdrawal rate rule of thumb has come under fire. For those not familiar, the 4% withdrawal rate comes from research by William Bengen, which demonstrated that, based on a historical analysis of stock and bond returns, retirees could withdraw up to 4% of their portfolio’s value each year over a 30-year […]

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on off switch labeled risk

Working Wealthy – Risk On, Risk Off

The market has been very good to investors the past few years. Aside from a harrowing but brief downturn in March and April of 2020, investors have been rewarded handsomely for investing in stocks. Is now the time to get greedy? We talk to clients all the time about risk—how much do you need; how […]

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A Social Security Guide – For Your Friend Who Is Divorced

If you have a friend who was divorced after being married at least ten years, they may be able to claim social security benefits on their ex-spouse’s work record. Here’s how it works: There are no decisions to make during the divorce. The benefits are determined by the Social Security Administration when your friend reaches […]

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business man contemplating exit planning

Is Your Business Worth What You Think It Is?

We have all been there – you see a nice sports car, fire engine red, and think to yourself, “Wow, what a beautiful car!”  What makes it a nice car? Just the way it looks, or does knowing there is a ton of horsepower under the hood also make it desirable? But what if you […]

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Top 3 Holiday Gifts

Your children and grandchildren may be asking for the latest technology gadgets and hot new toys for the holidays, but the best gifts are not the ones on their list of things you can buy at the store. As parents and grandparents, our quest is to raise happy and healthy children. While the hottest new […]

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Tax Planning for the Build Back Better Act

Tax planning for 2021 has been like watching your favorite football team drive down the field to kick the game-winning field goal, and suddenly the coach calls a timeout because the goalpost keeps moving. When President Biden was elected, we expected an unfriendly tax overhaul geared toward taxing the wealthy. With that in mind, last […]

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What the Heck Is a PFIC – Tax Pitfalls of International Investments

If you are an international investor or have spent time living or working outside the US, this topic is essential to understand. While it is easy to avoid, the consequences of owning a PFIC can be so substantial that your returns are eaten away, and you are left with a nasty tax situation. Background: US […]

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I Work in Finance, Are My Taxes Going Up?

In my conversations with financial professionals (private equity professionals, investment bankers, asset managers), I commonly ask the question, “what are you most concerned about as it pertains to your personal wealth management?” The answer, almost unanimously, revolves around taxes. This is a major area of concern, and the past year has left many people scratching […]

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Tax Increases and Stock Options. What Does This Mean for You?

With possible tax increases coming soon, what does that mean for your stock options? A new bill could be passed at the 11th hour, and with year-end approaching, now is the time to analyze how this may impact you. Stock Options – A Brief Overview Stock options give employees the right to buy company stock […]

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Don’t Forget About These 5 Tax Planning Strategies Before Year-End

With all the talk around the recent tax proposals, many have lost sight of common tax planning strategies that should not be forgotten this year.  Implementing one or more of the following strategies could help save on taxes: 1. Roth conversion to fill up 24% tax bracket The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act lowered […]

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