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The financial planning and investment landscape changes at a dizzying speed – and often with conflicting messages. Read our team of experts’ advice on saving, spending, investing, retirement, taxes, giving and more to help you enjoy a full life.

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Long Term Care: Traditional or Hybrid Policies?

Long Term Care Environment Shifting Towards Hybrid Plans When reviewing our client’s insurance coverages, a question we’re often asked is whether to purchase long-term care coverage. To answer that question there are a lot of factors to consider from your family health history to your experience dealing with a loved one going through that difficult […]

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Your Beneficiary Designations – Are They Correct?

Beneficiary designations are an extremely important component of an estate plan.  They are found on many types of assets such as IRAs, 401Ks, life insurance and annuities and designate who receives the asset after the account owner passes away.  The primary advantage of a beneficiary designation is that asset ownership transfers without the complexities and […]

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Why It’s Important to Keep Your Spouse in the Loop

I’ve been married to my wife for almost 7 years, and early on in our marriage she once jokingly said, “don’t learn how to do something you don’t want to do the rest of your life”.  Somehow, I ended up being the only one that knows how to use the lawnmower.  In practice it actually […]

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Working Wealthy – Patience

I am not a patient person. Just ask my wife, kids, co-workers, family, pedestrians I’m walking next to and the guy parallel parking in front of me. I think you get the point. Why is that? Why am I so anxious for certain things to happen in life that I miss all the good stuff […]

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Governor Pritzker’s Tax Proposal – What You Need to Know

In March of this year, information was released regarding Illinois Governor JB Pritzker’s proposed tax plan, otherwise known as the “Fair Tax for Illinois.”  There are a number of items in this proposal which, should this become law, could impact both individual and corporate taxpayers in the state of Illinois.  Here are a few of […]

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Spring Cleaning – Freeing Yourself of Clutter After a Divorce

The combination of all the documentation that is needed during divorce negotiations and the never-ending stack of documents needed by your tax preparer often create an important pile of clutter.  The good news is that you don’t need to hold onto it forever. Learn more about what should be done post-divorce in this podcast featuring BDF’s […]

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Why Are You Looking to Sell?

“Hi my name is Chris, John suggested I call you regarding my book of business. I am wondering if you can help me understand what the value of my agency is and what buyers are paying the large multiples I keep hearing about.” Chris is not alone as this is a frequent question from both […]

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Smoothing Out Lumpy Cash Flow

Receiving most of your compensation in a few large paychecks is exciting to finally see in your bank account. But it causes a lot of headache when juggling cash flow for the year ahead. Financial professionals (private equity professionals, investment bankers, and asset managers) struggle with this problem given the industry’s compensation models. Investment bankers, […]

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Tips for Buying Travel Insurance

With Spring Break on the horizon, many families are hustling to pack their bags, load up the family mini-van, and get out of Dodge for the week. And if they’re really in a hurry to escape the never-ending Midwest winter, hopping on the first flights out to the beach. With all of the planning that […]

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Co-Investing with Clients? Read These Pointers First.

One of the more satisfying things about being a lawyer is the opportunity to build deep, important relationships with your clients. Given those relationships, lawyers are often afforded the opportunity to co-invest alongside firm clients in private investment funds or directly in a private company. For example, you have probably been approached with the opportunity […]

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FDIC Insurance – Have You Maximized Your Coverage?

During the Great Depression, 9,000 banks failed and that gave rise to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or FDIC, which served to instill confidence in the banking system.  On January 1, 1934, the first deposits were insured with a limit of $2,500.  FDIC insurance is backed by the full faith and credit of the US […]

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3 Tips to Protect the Identity of a Deceased Person

When a loved one dies, it’s always too soon.  The grieving process is difficult, and when you factor in that loved ones now need to sort through finances, it can be very stressful. This is the time when many are vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. You would think that after someone dies, their identity cannot be […]

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