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The financial planning and investment landscape changes at a dizzying speed – and often with conflicting messages. Read our team of specialists’ advice on saving, spending, investing, retirement, taxes, giving and more to help you enjoy a full life.

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Working Wealthy – Can You Define Retirement?

My daughter turns eight this year, and she has been bitten by the reading bug. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a great thing—hopefully, a habit that lasts a lifetime. However, she has come to think of me as the household dictionary. And as a former English major, I was initially excited for the opportunity to […]

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Navigating Divorce After 50 – A Common Sense Guide

With gray divorce being an incredibly common scenario nowadays, you likely have a loved one trying to navigate these tumultuous waters. Regardless of what the final straw may have been, when your loved one is suddenly single after 50, they face a unique set of challenges that require a more careful look and thoughtful planning […]

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Do I Really Spend That Much?

“My youngest of four children just graduated college. None of my kids desire to work in the family agency. Multiple competitors want to buy my agency, and my wife Mary and I are ready to travel the world.” These were the first words from Mark, a Wisconsin Insurance Agency Owner that I recently met for […]

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Buy, Borrow, Die: Not Best for Everyone

With interest rates near historic lows and the market near all-time highs, there are more people borrowing against their portfolios than ever before. Using debt wisely to increase wealth and reduce taxes is not a new concept; however, recently, there has been a spotlight shined on the concept from Wall Street Journal’s article “Buy, Borrow, […]

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Top Considerations for Your Post-COVID Travel

At BDF, our mission is to help clients enjoy a full life. And for many, that full life includes travel. Unfortunately, we have been unable to travel over the past eighteen months as we did before the pandemic. Yet, as more of us become vaccinated and as the world gradually reopens, there is hope for […]

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How Financial Professionals Should View Risk During a Pandemic

The pandemic changed many aspects of life for financial professionals (private equity professionals, investment bankers, and asset managers). Like many, the future of work, the outlook for their career, and their future travel have all morphed. However, working with many financial professionals on their personal wealth management at the height of the pandemic panic led […]

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Leaving Your Job? 4 Executive Compensation Considerations

Thinking about leaving your job? You’re not alone. 2021 is turning into the “Big Resignation,” with millions either quitting or thinking about leaving for greener pastures. If you are a professional falling into this camp, what does that mean for your Executive Compensation? Here are key considerations if you’re thinking about making a leap. 1. […]

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RainCatching™ Revisited

As the economy continues to get back to normal, lawyers are busier than ever.  With private equity firms and public company balance sheets brimming with cash, there continues to be historically high M&A and other activities that require the work of lawyers. Given how well many law firms are performing, I thought it would make […]

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An Unclaimed Treasure Hunt

As of July 1st of 2020, the State of Illinois estimated that they were holding on to more than $3.5 Billion worth of assets at the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office, and almost all of it is just waiting for the rightful owner to claim it.  A law passed in the 1960s set out rules that […]

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Important Considerations for a Widow Thinking About Life Insurance

Proceeds from a life insurance policy can provide comfort to a loved one’s survivors from both a financial and emotional standpoint. The funds received from life insurance can help alleviate stress for a family as they mourn their loss. As much as the sudden influx of a large sum of money can be a source […]

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Working Wealthy – Prioritize Your Estate Plan

Maybe we should start calling estate planning something other than an estate plan. For some, it feels like an imposing name or phrase, an estate plan. When I think of an estate, I think of the English countryside with rolling green manicured lawns and a stately mansion nestled in the middle of all the green. […]

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College Send Off: Stay Informed and Protected

Summer feels like it just started, and back-to-school is already around the corner. Whether you are dropping off your fifth child for the first time at college – or your first child for the fifth time – you’re ready for this. You made good decisions along the way and tackled a lot: Filled out your […]

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