Working Wealthy – A Little Perspective

January 28, 2020

You made it through another year. How does it feel?

I know, I know, you’re not even thinking about making a New Year resolution or anything corny like that. But honestly, have you taken stock of 2019 and truly recognized all that has happened the past 12 months?

We’re all likely goal-oriented people. We set calendar reminders. We remember friends’ birthdays. We reserve Airbnb cottages 8 months in advance. We feel great after a big meal when the kitchen is finally clean and quiet.

I’m fairly certain that you’ve probably spent most of 2019 methodically and effectively doing all the things you’ve set out for yourself. You might even be so organized as to have set goals for 2019.

Goals are fairly easy to measure—either you did it or you didn’t. And woe be the goal you didn’t accomplish because that goal is going to get knocked out in 2020. No goal ever wants to be leftover.

But I’m not writing my first blog of 2020 to encourage you to set goals. I’m encouraging you to take stock.

Put money and finances aside. Sit down and come up with the three or five best memories of 2019. Perhaps you’ll flip through your phone and photos to jog your memory. Maybe you keep a journal and jot down your thoughts as you go.

Either way, take inventory of those memories and perhaps take some time to ruminate on what made those memories great.

For each memory, consider the following ideas:

What did you do to make it happen? I have no idea what your great memories will be but think about what you did to make them possible. Did you take an extra day of PTO to spend time with family? Did you slow down to say thank you to a teammate that helped you accomplish something great?

Whatever the case might be—try to find the thing or two that made it possible. Ask yourself if you can make it happen again or in a different, new way in 2020.

Do you want it to happen again? I suppose some great memories are not meant to be replicated while others we wish for all the time. Like a Cubs’ World Series in 2016, are we only supposed to experience it once a century?

Reflect on the great memories from 2019 and consider whether you want to feel them again. Be conscious of that decision.

How does it relate to where you want to be in 2020? I know I said I wasn’t going to have you set any goals for 2020. I’m not, but I am going to advocate for considering all of those non-financial things that made your life great in 2019 and find ways to make them happen again this year.

We constantly look ahead for what’s next. It’s our nature and it likely has served us well. This time of year feels like the right time to think of what has been and how it made us feel.