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2022 Mid-Year Market Review

On Thursday, July 14th we hosted our Mid-Year Market Review both in-person and virtually with our President and CIO, Chad Carlson. The presentation focused on a review of what has been an historic first half of the year and discussed questions on the minds of many including: Is there a recession coming or are we […]

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Market Review

2021 Market Review: Variants and Variances

BDF’s 2021 Market Review discusses key topics including the economy, inflation, valuations and fixed income.

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Mid-Year Market Review – Navigating the Next Normal

BDF’s CIO Chad Carlson and Investment Committee members Jonathan Baker and Gary Pattengale review the first half of the year and what lies ahead for the market, inflation, and tax reform.

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Presidents, Pandemics, and Portfolios

On Thursday, January 14, 2021 we were glad to be joined by so many of our clients as we hosted the first part of our two-part Annual Client Event. The presentation, Presidents, Pandemics, and Portfolios: A Year (feels like a decade) in Review, was a great conversation led by our co-CIO’s Mark Balasa and Chad […]

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Votes and Volatility Market Event

BDF hosted a wide-ranging conversation with Dr. Apollo Lupescu, Vice President at Dimensional Fund Advisors, on Monday, October 12th to get his input on some of today’s hottest current events. The conversation sought to answer many questions that clients have been posing to us, including: What does the upcoming election mean for the market? Which […]

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Hindsight is 2020

The markets have moved in extraordinary ways both up and down this year.  With it being 2020, it’s easy to apply hindsight. How the virus has come and not gone and the impact on the markets so far and into the future is discussed.

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Your Financial Plan and Lessons From a Historic First Six Months of 2020

Despite market volatility, staying disciplined kept your plan on track in 2020.

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Bankruptcies for States and Municipalities? Perspectives on the Muni Market.

Municipal bonds, typically a worry-free part of a portfolio, have seen some price movement to the negative as part of the market volatility.  That has subsided quite a bit, but new worries have crept up about municipalities with the talk of state bankruptcy potential.  How should you think about municipal bonds going forward?

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Quarterly Investment Perspectives

Headlines are changing rapidly, Mark and Chad answer the questions we are getting from clients such as “Won’t it get worse from here?”. “Has Coronavirus changed BDFs investment strategy?”

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One Week Later: Revisiting Thoughts on The Downturn

Markets have turned into a bear market and negative news keeps coming. We had a video last week touching on this, and here is an update on what’s happened since. As has been seen, markets can turn unpredictably and quickly. For more information on how the markets are being affected by the Coronavirus: Thoughts on […]

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Thoughts on The Downturn

Markets have turned into a bear market and negative news keeps coming.  Here are some thoughts on what has been causing this and what we know from past downturns. For more information on how the markets are being affected by the Coronavirus read our Wealth Watch articles. Coronavirus – The Market Says It’s Supposed to […]

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Market Review: Celebrating 2019 and Looking Forward to 2020

2019 was a historic year for balanced portfolios but what goes up must come down, right? History shows that is not necessarily true.

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