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The markets are complex.  In today’s data age, it’s easy to find more points of information.  However, it’s harder than ever to find out what parts of that information actually matter to you.  That’s the reason behind Wealth Watch.  At BDF, we want to make sure we are always thinking about what’s relevant and keeping you in the loop.

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Is the Value Premium Dead?

Tech stocks have grabbed many headlines this year.  Not just from what they are doing in the world of innovation, but also stock performance.  These companies tend to be considered growth companies.  Growth companies have new and exciting things happening.  They keep developing new products, gaining market share, and in some cases seemingly change the […]

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Fodder From The Former Fed

We recently had the opportunity to meet with Janet Yellen, the former Fed Chair, after she delivered a presentation.  Ms. Yellen touched on a large variety of topics, and given her insights and position, we thought it would be helpful to share some of those with you.  Here is what we gleaned: Fed Moves First […]

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Much Ado About Mid-Terms

The mid-term elections are now behind us, seemingly having been built up to be a large market event, then just fading away as the day of the elections came and went.  Certainly, the markets were down ahead of the election.  Was the election the cause?  Maybe. Elections by their very nature are a catalyst for […]

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What Happened to Emerging Markets?

Emerging markets has had a tough year. Since Late January 2018, emerging market equities have shed over 20% in value and are likely the biggest red number in your portfolio. During the nearly two-year period from March 2016 to the end of January 2018, emerging markets returned over 75%. What happened? There are a number […]

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Volatility Strikes Again

  Yesterday marked the second straight day of a Dow drop of more than 500 points. And while we have been talking about the return of volatility for quite some time, it still hurts when it actually shows up. So here we are with the S&P 500 having fallen over 7% in the last week. […]

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Small but Fierce…Stocks

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” – William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream For much of 2018, technology giants Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google (the so-called FAANG stocks) have dominated market-related headlines. While these companies have driven a disproportionate amount of the year’s stock gains, their performance has overshadowed what has also been a […]

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Midterms’ Market Impact

With midterm elections quickly approaching, you will find no shortage of headlines predicting how the markets will react. Media forecasts are all over the map and have been for weeks, so it’s easy to understand why investors are scared or confused about the future. Here are just a few examples: “Investors may be understating the […]

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Paying at the Pump: Breaking Down the 5 Oil Regimes Since 2000

  If you remember the first day of your Econ 101 class, the key determinant for the price of a product is the intersection of supply and demand. This concept is easy to grasp in the classroom when discussing widgets.  In the real world it truly comes alive when analyzing the oil market. The chart […]

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The U.S. Economy – Heating Up or Cooling Down?

The U.S. economy grew by 4.1% in the second quarter of 2018 – its best quarter in four years. President Trump declared the robust growth proof that tax reform is stimulating the economy and he predicted such growth to be sustainable for years to come. But will it be? Is second quarter GDP a sign […]

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Flattening Yield Curve: Should I Be Worried?

Flattening Yield Curve: Prognosticator of Doom? If you read or watch the news, you have probably heard several prognosticators predict that the next recession is looming, and to head for the hills. Recently doom predictors have been focused on the flattening yield curve. It’s true a flat yield curve has been present in all 7 […]

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The Trillion Dollar Trail

  Back in 1997, the largest stock in the world as measured by market cap was General Electric (GE).  GE was the darling of the Dow and absolute conglomerate.  According to the Financial Times, GE was then worth almost $223 billion.  If we simply took that market cap and grew it by the same rate […]

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Trade Wars, What Are They Good For?

  “War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.” – Edwin Starr, 1970 On June 18, President Trump instructed US officials to draw up plans for $200 billion of tariffs on Chinese imports in response to the announcement of $50 billion of Chinese tariffs on US products the previous weekend. This was the latest salvo […]

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