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The markets are complex.  In today’s data age, it’s easy to find more points of information.  However, it’s harder than ever to find out what parts of that information actually matter to you.  That’s the reason behind Wealth Watch.  At BDF, we want to make sure we are always thinking about what’s relevant and keeping you in the loop.

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Market Highs Lead to Market Size

With the market recently hitting new highs yet again, we sometimes forget to look at another aspect of what new highs mean, size. These days the number “trillion” is thrown around with regularity. Yet our minds don’t comprehend a trillion easily. For context, one trillion dollars is enough to stretch from the earth to the […]

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Value’s Big Surge – Has It Gone Too Far?

You may remember us writing about “The Return to Value” in our December 2020 Wealth Watch. In that edition, we mentioned the developing rotation from high-flying growth stocks to value companies. That trend continues today in strong fashion. The question is, can it last? History suggests it certainly can. The Value Premium You hear us […]

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SPAC Attack!

Over the past year, a new trend in taking firms public has garnered incredible momentum. The Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) has become a popular way to bring a company public. These so-called “blank check” companies raise capital from investors with the expectation that they will later find an attractive private company to bring public […]

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A New Normal for Bond Investing

The days of bond investing being as exciting as watching paint dry are long over. Once the predictable and boring part of an investment portfolio, bonds have been anything but since 2008. In the thirty years prior to the financial crisis, one could fall out of bed and make a decent return on their bonds. […]

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Diving Into Debt

While not yet passed, additional stimulus to the tune of over $1 trillion is on the horizon. This brings up the question:  Should we be worried about the U.S. deficit? The deficit, the difference between the government’s expenditures and its revenues, was a concern for many even before the pandemic stimulus bills were enacted in 2020.  […]

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The Reddit Rampage

The markets have gone crazy again, at least on a small scale.  A handful of stocks, known by some as Reddit stocks, have exhibited absolutely phenomenal performance as of late. You can see this below:   While the above is certainly not all of the impacted stocks, it includes the highlights and, of course, the […]

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The Reflation Trade: What Is It?

As calendars have turned to 2021, headlines have trumpeted the “reflation trade.” This is not new. Talk of reflation is very common as markets rebound from a major pullback. Even so, it’s been a while since our last major downturn, which may beg the question, what is reflation, and what does the reflation trade mean […]

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Driving into the S&P – What Can We Observe from Tesla’s Addition?

Before the market opened up Monday, there was a splash.  Tesla, a company worth more than $600B, was officially added as a behemoth to the famous index.  And, behemoth is not overexaggerating.  Keep in mind, the next largest car company by market cap is Toyota, with a market cap of a little over $210B.  Ford, […]

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The Return of Value

In what has been a turbulent year (to say the least), the one constant in the investing world seemed to be the continued outperformance of large growth stocks (and the big-name tech stocks specifically). Historically, research indicates value stocks have the highest returns, but the last 10 years have told a different story. In the […]

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The Election is Behind Us So Now What?

The dust has mostly settled on what was a long and contentious presidential election campaign. What remains to be seen is if there will be a unified or divided government come January 2021, depending upon the outcome of two Senate run-off races in Georgia. No Blue Wave in Washington Regardless of what happens in Georgia, […]

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Are We in Another Tech Bubble?

Are we in a tech bubble? It’s hard to ignore that question when the tech-heavy NASDAQ Composite is up 33% through November 9, besting the runner-up S&P 500 Index by over 20%. Tech companies are the perceived winners in a post-Covid world, resulting in soaring stock prices with no end in sight. It begs the […]

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It has often been said that the market “climbs a wall of worry.” And arguably, there is a lot for US investors to worry about these days. Coronavirus cases are on the rise again, the economy is still struggling to emerge from recession, government stimulus talks have stalled, and the presidential election is in less […]

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