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Specialization. To balance the personal and business.

It is our business to know your business. We know your company is your engine. It creates wealth, protects your lifestyle, makes a difference, and can provide for future generations. In short, your business is the funding mechanism for your full life

The Owner’s Edge®

The Owner’s Edge® provides a unique three phased process focused on your distinct needs as a business owner. We recognize that lines blur between business, personal, and family lives. Crafting an integrated vision for the path ahead is the true way to help owners like you continue to enjoy the advantage of ownership.

Phase I – Includes the BDF Business Discovery Guide™, Personal Interview to see the Big Picture, and Discover Family Goals

Phase II – Your BDF Team creates your Comprehensive Financial Plan and then we work with you to weigh alternate paths to success – concluding with a clear Action Plan.

Phase III – Plan implementation with a focus on accountability and revisit your plan as your life and business evolve, ensuring your Comprehensive Financial Plan evolves with you.

Shared experiences

Every day we talk with business owners about how what is happening in their business affects their lives. As business owners ourselves, we live these realities, allowing us to remain uniquely poised to help business owners achieve preparedness, clarity, and financial security. You will always have a confidant on your side.

Wealth Management for Family Businesses

We are dedicated to helping successful family business owners bring the same level of execution and professional management to their family finances as they demand in their business.

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Wealth Management for Business Founders

In our experience, many entrepreneurs are so busy running their company they don’t take the time to ensure their personal financial house is in order. Would this describe you?

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“Business owners built their business, they have their sweat, blood and tears in it, and to be part of that, they really appreciate the help and guidance we give them.”
Jim King CPA, CFP® Partner & Insurance Practice Group Leader