Business Founders

Partnership. To truly live the American dream.

Your story is the story of the American dream. You wanted to work for yourself. You had an idea. You took a risk. It actually worked.

If you’re like most founders, despite your success, you live with a healthy fear that somehow your competition will get the upper hand.

This inner fire drives you to wake up every day and compete, to focus on making your business better, stronger and ready to out-perform the competition. This focus has helped make you the success that you are today. Congratulations.

Personal CFO

The question now is have you given your personal financial life the same level of attention as your business? In our experience, many entrepreneurs are so busy running their company they don’t take the time to ensure their personal financial house is in order. Would this describe you?

Planning your legacy

Enter BDF’s Business Owner Team. We are dedicated to helping successful entrepreneurs bring the same level of execution and professional management to their personal finances as they demand in their business.

With a team that includes estate planning attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, MBAs from top-ranked business schools and Certified Financial Planner™ professionals we are well-equipped to help you. Our Business Discovery Guide™ tool is designed to help you navigate the risks and take advantage of the opportunities which are unique to the private business owner.

The result is a wealth management plan that is comprehensive, coordinated, and customized to your specific set of circumstances.

BDF’s Business Owner Team stands ready to help you write the legacy and live the full life that drove you to start your business in the first place.

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