Family Businesses

Navigation. To steward both business and family.

Your story is a story of stewardship. Over the years, perhaps even decades, your family has guided your company through the peaks and valleys of the business cycle. You’ve created careers and opportunities for not only your family, but for the many families of those you employ. Along the way you’ve made the necessary adjustments to keep the business going and the family united.

Like any business you face challenges: How do we grow? How do we outsmart the competition? How do we innovate and stay relevant?

Unique challenges

Unlike many businesses, you face unique challenges: Should we gift or sell the business to the next generation? How will we fund our retirement once we transfer the business to our children? What’s our position on in-laws joining the business? Can children not working in the business own stock? What is “fair”?

Answering these questions and navigating the complexities of the family business dynamic is not easy.

Planning your legacy

Enter BDF’s Business Owner Team. We are dedicated to helping successful family business owners bring the same level of execution and professional management to their family finances as they demand in their business.

With a team that includes estate planning attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, MBAs from top-ranked business schools and Certified Financial Planner™ professionals we are well-equipped to help you. Our Business Discovery Guide™ tool is designed to help you navigate the risks and take advantage of the opportunities which are unique to the family business owner.

The result is a wealth management plan that is comprehensive, coordinated, and customized to your specific set of circumstances.

BDF’s Business Owner Team stands ready to help you continue writing the legacy and living the full life that your family envisioned years ago.

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