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Wealth Architects. Working For You.

At BDF, you get more than an individual financial advisor. You get an entire team that works to understand your vision, your goals and dreams, and then we draw up the plans to make them come to life. Other firms just focus on investment management or financial planning. But we bring our entire wide-ranging specialties to bear for you, creating a plan that fully supports your goals and then design a custom investment portfolio to help achieve your dreams.

Financial Planning For Your Future.

For most people, financial planning is a vague concept. But we bring the big picture into focus for you. Because you make better decisions when you have a plan.

Here’s how we do it:

We Take a Unique Approach to Financial Planning

  • For us, investment management and financial planning are foundational. That’s why, unlike other firms, we offer both for every client.
  • The financial plan comes first based on your vision, goals and dreams. The plan informs the creation of your custom investment portfolio.
  • Your plan will evolve as your life evolves. We use live planning software during our meetings to see how changes in your life will affect your plan. Your retirement plan comes to life through this collaborative process.


You’re a client of the firm, not just one individual financial advisor. What does that mean? You have access to the entire breadth of specialization we have to offer – estate planning, taxes, insurance, charitable giving, executive compensation planning, college planning and more.

Our team approach allows us to manage your wealth from a collective perspective. Our team includes attorneys, CPAs, Certified Financial Planner® Professionals, Chartered Financial Analysts, Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, MBAs and many other professionals.

This unique approach empowers you to take advantage of the specialized deliverables created by our diverse Practice Groups that help:

  • Attorneys
  • Divorce
  • Financial Professionals
  • Insurance Brokers and Agency Owners
  • Widows

Let’s start managing your wealth to meet your dreams.

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Your BDF Expert Team

“Your financial plan is dynamic and uniquely tailored to your family in order to achieve your goals.”
Neil Teubel MS, CFP® Partner & Director of Financial Planning