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Trust and Estate Planning

Confidant. To facilitate difficult discussions.

You’ve planned for what you want to do with your assets while living your dream, but what about when the inevitable happens? Estate planning is best done with the recognition that decisions you make today can have a profound impact on the legacy you leave tomorrow. As you update or draft a will, create a trust, or protect your business assets, BDF helps you through the complex legal and tax issues surrounding estate planning. To complicate matters further, estate planning triggers emotions often leading to a gap between the best plan for wealth transfer and the position you are in today.

Shape your legacy

Our role as your financial confidant helps balance the emotional pull of what you would like to do with the financial reality of where you are. We work with you and your legal advisors to help ensure that your documents are in alignment with what you are trying to accomplish.

Our role is to do more than just preserve your wealth for those you love and care about. We want to help you shape your legacy along the way.

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“We review and analyze clients’ current estate plans on a frequent basis to take into account the ever-changing tax laws and ensure their documents minimize taxes and efficiently pass assets to the next generation for a continued full life.”
Tom Collar CFP® Partner