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Are You Catching the Rain You Make?

Making rain and serving your clients is what makes you a successful attorney. But what happens once you decide to retire from the daily grind? Can you afford to maintain your current lifestyle? Have you done any financial planning for retirement? Are you doing everything you can today to solidify your future?

Your life after the law should be everything you hoped for. But your life today is busy and chaotic. That makes it nearly impossible for you to give yourself the same time and attention you give your clients. That’s where RainCatching™ comes in — to help you save more of the rain you make, with financial strategies designed specifically for attorneys.

How the RainCatching™ Process Helps Attorneys

Clarifying Your Financial Picture
Bring your entire financial picture into focus with a consolidated personal net worth statement, a customized retirement plan and your investment portfolio performance, all readily accessible on an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Building Your Financial Plan
Your financial life has many moving parts: Uneven cash flows, a capital account, retirement plans, post-retirement income packages, early retirement options and more. A detailed financial plan will bring clarity to your retirement decision and put you on a path to financial freedom.

Managing Your Investments
With a time-tested, disciplined approach to investing, you will have a consistent portfolio strategy and the advice needed to navigate the complexities of global markets.

Reviewing Your Benefits
As a partner in a law firm, you have a variety of firm-provided benefits, which might include 401K plans, cash balance retirement plans, etc. By helping you understand and simplify the complexity of your benefits, you can utilize them to your maximum benefit.

Analyzing Alternative Investments
Chances are you have been approached by a client about co-investing in a private investment. With a rational approach to assessing investment opportunities and how they fit into your overall investment portfolio, you can make smarter decisions.

The RainCatching™ process will give you confidence in knowing that you have what you need to sustain your desired lifestyle throughout retirement. You know how to make rain. Let us help you catch it.

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“We give you the gift of time.  You are so focused on helping your clients that you rarely take time for yourself.  That’s where we come in.”
Justin Peacock MBA, CFP® Partner