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Clarity. Understanding Compensation Plans.

Whether you are managing an executive compensation plan or are enrolled in one, these important benefits take careful planning and objective advice. We understand companies and high achievers of all types and have the deep experience, custom advice and exclusive strategies to help you to continue building on your success.

One simple choice—like when to exercise options—can have a number of tax, wealth, estate and business implications. We take a holistic approach that considers each of your choices in relation to your entire wealth picture, helping you:

  1. Stay on track toward your goals
  2. With the proactive, objective guidance you need to make informed decisions
  3. Get back to focusing on what matters most to you

We specialize in:

  • Diversification and Risk Management
  • Wealth optimization
  • Minimizing income and estate tax and avoiding traps
  • Creating a legacy for future generations
  • Determining the optimal time to exercise options; avoiding AMT when exercising ISOs
  • RSAs—does an 83(b) election (i.e. pay tax now vs later) make sense?
  • RSUs—what to do upon vesting?
  • Answering what happens if you leave or retire?

Contact: Gary Pattengale

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“As your personal CFO, we help you make sound decisions so you can focus on what you do best – leading. ”
Gary Pattengale, CPA, CFP® Wealth Manager