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Partnering with a Financial Advisor to Manage Your Family’s Finances

Just like the cobbler’s children have no shoes, financial professionals often don’t have an integrated personal financial plan. You chose a career in private equity, investment banking or asset management, not one as a financial planner. It’s not your passion or where your expertise lies. Add to that your fast-paced life, and it’s incredibly difficult for you to find the time to learn all that’s needed to prepare for the future you and your family envision.

You need to stick to making executive-level decisions for “Your Family” Capital, LLC and leave the details in the capable hands of a CFO. As your personal CFO, we can help you with your financial planning including investment management, risk management, cash flow planning, estate planning and tax management so you can spend time on what matters most to you.

Why Use Private Wealth Managers for “Your Family” Capital, LLC?

Clarity for Strategic Decision Making
A customized, detailed financial plan becomes your playbook. It contains options and actions you need to take to maximize family wealth while considering the evolution in your compensation, risk management and time constraints.

Effective Investment Tracking
There are a lot of moving parts in your financial life — investment portfolios, retirement accounts, homes, outside investments and complex compensation models — that are hard to track. Taking inventory of your various moving piece means we can effectively track them for you, update allocations and risk models and detail out the impact to your overall strategic plan.

Singular Dashboard Development
Time is scarce and the last thing you want to spend it on is searching for financial documents like a net-worth statement, detailed retirement plan and investment portfolio performance. When you can see your entire financial picture in a single, secure, easy to understand dashboard in real time, you’ll gain back precious time.

Emotion-Free Portfolio Construction and Management
Investing is a big part of what you do. However, it can be a challenge to separate out your professional investing from personal attachments to your own portfolio. With your input, a portfolio will be constructed and reviewed for rebalancing, tax loss harvesting and other portfolio opportunities on a regular basis. By helping strip out the emotion that comes with managing your personal funds, decisions are made with the long-term in mind.

Portfolio Compliance
The financial services industry is highly regulated. Your firm’s individual compliance policies add another layer of complexity. We work with your compliance team to ensure the portfolio, along with any trades and overall management, are in line with regulations, ensuring that you will not incur any violations or consequences.

With clear long-term goals, you can stay focused on what matters most to you while we serve as your private wealth manager to help you simplify the complex so you stay on track.

Contact: Matt Kocanda

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“It’s easy to prioritize your career over your personal finances, but finding time to plan allows you and your family more control of the future.”
Matt Kocanda CFP® Partner, Financial Professionals Practice Group Leader & Director of Growth