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Individuals and Families

Transparency. The knowledge of what matters most.

Helping individuals and families enjoy a full life is our passion. We start with your vision, your goals and your dreams. We listen so we can understand – How does your financial situation impact your retirement? What transparency should you have with your family in planning for wealth transfer? We give advice to help you avoid sleepless nights, communicating in language you can understand. The result incorporates comprehensive personal financial planning and investment portfolio management.


Pulling together all the pieces of your financial picture and working with all your other trusted advisors, BDF will provide security because you have a blueprint for your future.


You will be supported by a team that cares and builds deep personal relationships, not only with you but your children or family members.


Bound by our fiduciary responsibility to our clients, you’ll be able to sleep at night with the confidence that everything we do, every decision we make is in your best interest.

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“We want our clients spending their energy on the things they can control and letting go of the worry created by things outside of their control.”
Nick Cosky CFP® Partner