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Wealth Management for Insurance Brokers

Managing Taxes and Cash Flow Drive Financial Planning

The life of an insurance broker is fast paced. Time is scarce as you balance work and family responsibilities. You wonder if you’ll always need to work this hard. Take the time now to put together a financial plan tailored to your goals so you can retire on your terms while knowing that you will be able to maintain the lifestyle you desire.

As insurance financial advisors, we know that you face challenges other professionals do not. From commission splits, fluctuating compensation to equity grants, you need a financial plan that works in your unique situation. Your window for making significant dollars won’t last forever, and you need to capture as much as you can to meet your current and future financial goals.

BDF can help you create a blueprint for financial planning, managing cash flow, ownership structure and compensation, minimizing taxes and control risk.

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Wealth Management for Insurance Agency Owners

Wealth Management Strategies for Smarter Decision Making

Today, insurance agency owners get frequent calls urging them to sell their business. If you have received this call, you’ve probably wondered what your business is worth and if selling now would make sense. When planning for your future, don’t get tempted by a large dollar amount alone. A solid financial plan for your small business will eliminate any gap between your current net worth and what you want it to be after the sale.

Insurance Agency Owners Must Align Vision and Finances

Your business is likely your most valuable asset. When it’s time to exit your insurance agency, the decision needs to consider more than dollars alone. After all, when you think about what you value most about your agency, money is probably not at the top of the list. Things like helping clients, building staff and growing a business probably are.

BDF can guide you to ensure your vision for the future and your finances match up.

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Your BDF Expert Team

“Taxes matter. Smart planning can significantly reduce tax drag on your wealth.”
Jim King CPA, CFP® Partner & Insurance Practice Group Leader