Wealth Management for Insurance Brokers

You know what you want to accomplish for you and your family. We’ll build a blueprint to help you get there.

Financial Planning for Insurance Broker

Your hard work has resulted in equity grants or the ability to buy into the company. What do you do? How do you finance the purchase or the tax consequences? Our focus is always on helping you fund the lifestyle you desire while increasing your after tax wealth. To help insurance brokers, we help:

Manage Personal Cash Flow

When your compensation is variable, it becomes a challenge to have the cash flow needed during slow times. With a disciplined savings plan, you can manage spending through the highs and lows. And when your situation changes, we’ll retool to ensure you’re utilizing cash in the most prudent manner.

Plan for Ownership Structure and Compensation

All insurance companies have unique compensation structure, some with an equity component and others without. If you’ve been granted equity, we’ll help you determine how to pay the taxes due whether that includes using some of those shares or finding another way. And if you can purchase shares, we’ll help you explore options for doing so that keeps you on track to hit your financial goals.

Minimize Taxes

There are a lot of tax consequences tied to any equity you may have in your insurance company. In addition, you are in one of the highest tax brackets. So how do you pay the sizeable taxes owed? Should you exercise your option early or defer? With an eye on your overall tax liability, we’ll help structure your portfolio to minimize taxes and increase your after-tax wealth.

Control Risk

By nature, insurance brokers like taking risk. That’s probably why you invest in your clients’ businesses. We’ll analyze your investments and help reduce any excessive risk. With a diversified portfolio, you can be assured that you’ll meet your overall financial goals.

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