• Heather Locus contributed to the article Common Divorce Questions Q&A in Divorce Magazine - Winter/Spring 2014
  • Mark Balasa quoted in “When Bond Funds Think Outside the Box”, The New York Times – April 4
  • Heather Locus promotes event in “Special Shopping for Spring at North Shore Exchange, Art Wear Unlimited”, Glencoe News Sun Times – April 9
  • Phil Ridolphi is quoted in “The Rise of the Robo Advisors”, Financial Advisor – April 1
  • Mike Foltz is quoted in “Tax Strategy Shifts from Gifting to Inheritance”, Wall Street Journal – March 26
  • Chad Carlson is quoted in “Advisers Ratchet Up Scrutiny of Pimco”, Investment News – March 21
  • Mark Balasa is quoted in “Surprised By Your 2013 Tax Bill? You’re Not Alone”, NASDAQ.com – March 15
  • Chad Carlson is quoted in “Advisers Warn Against 401(k) Loans”, The Wall Street Journal – March 3
  • Armond Dinverno is quoted in “Advisers eyeing Pimco carefully in wake of upheaval”, Investment News – February 28
  • Chad Carlson is quoted in “Pimco’s Gross Defends Competitive Culture”, The Wall Street Journal” - February 27
  • Mark Balasa is quoted in “Schwab Announces Roll Out of Schwab Open View Mobile”, Charles Schwab Online Newsroom - February 24
  • Mike Foltz wrote the article “One Tax System? How about Four!” for Boomeon.com – February 14
  • Armond Dinverno participated on a panel for a Financial Planning Editorial Insights webinar:  Best Practices and Strategies for Growth from Top RIA’s – February 12
  • Armond Dinverno and Balasa Dinverno Foltz LLC are featured in “Happy Employees Are Vital To Success“, Investment News - February 9

  • Nick Cosky is quoted in “Treasure Assets“, Heritage Magazine for the Intelligent Collector - Winter 2013/2014

  • Armond Dinverno sat on the panel for the Ensemble Ownership Institute in La Jolla, CA – February 5-7
  • Chad Carlson attended the PIMCO Institute for Wealth Managers – February 5-7
  • Julie  Bucaro and Jen Lake attended the TD Ameritrade 2014 National Conference – January 29-31
  • Mark Balasa is quoted in “4 Reasons Bank-Loan Funds are Risky“, Fox Business – January 9
  • Chad Carlson is quoted in “Great year for bread and butter strategies on Wall Street”, UPI.com - December 31
  • Chad Carlson is quoted in “Winners of 2013: Boring Investors”, The Wall Street Journal - December 30
  • Chad Carlson is quoted in “In Retirement, Playing Stock More Aggressively“, The Wall Street Journal - December 26
  • Susan Korin participated as a speaker in TDA’s webcast “Sourcing & Onboarding Your Breakout Growth Hire” – December 19
  • Mark Balasa is featured in “Selling Sky-High Securities: 3 Year-End Tax Tips“, www.blackrockblog.com - December 17 
  • Mike Foltz is featured in “Pay Attention to State Estate Taxes”, The Wall Street Journal - December 15 
  • Heather Locus is quoted in “Time to Hire a Professional Manager?“, Financial Planning.com – December 2
  • Jim King and Jen Lake presented “Year End Tax Planning” at Charles Schwab in Geneva, IL – November 7
  • Mark Balasa participated as a panelist on “A New Age of Wealth Management” at a Dow Jones exclusive roundtable discussion – November 7
  • Armond Dinverno represented BDF at The Western Golf Association’s third annual Green Coat Gala to benefit the Evans Scholars Foundation at The Peninsula Chicago – November 6
  • Mike Foltz and Jim King presented “Financial Planning for Business Owners” to the Exit Planning Institute – November 5
  • Mike Foltz attended the Illinois State Bar Association’s Business Advice and Financial Planning Committee meeting – October 25
  • Armond Dinverno attended the Notre Dame Tax & Estate Planning Institute – October 17-18
  • Heather Locus participated in the Women Advisors Panel, “Path to Equity”, at the NAPFA National Conference in Philadelphia – October 9
  • Mark Balasa is quoted in “Active ETF’s Still Trying to Make Waves“, The New York Times, - October 5
  • Gary Pattengale is quoted in “How You Can Improve Your Company’s 401(k) Plan”, The Wall Street Journal – October 5
  • Heather Locus was featured in the Divorce Magazine article “Critical Tax Information to Consider Before Agreeing to Your Divorce Settlement” – October 2013
  • Chad Carlson attended Morningstar’s ETF Conference – October 3-4
  • Chad Carlson attended iShares Fall Macro Forum in Chicago – October 2
  • Chad Carlson attended State Street SPDR ETF RIA Partner Symposium in Boston – September 30
  • Mike is featured in “Voices: Michael Foltz, on Planning for State Estate Taxes”, The Wall Street Journal – October 2
  • Armond Dinverno sat on the panel “Top Adviser Case Study” at the Investment News 2013 Best Practices Workshop – September 25
  • BDF was awarded 2013 Best Practices by Investment News – September 25
  • Heather Locus and Mike Foltz presented “Top Obamacare and Tax Strategies for Business Owners in 2013″ at the Chicago Agricultural Summit – September 24
  • Mark Balasa is quoted in “Inflation Protection for Your PortfolioThe Wall Street Journal”  - September 19
  • Matt Mikula was featured in the atDivorce.com article “Case Study: Financial Decision Making During a Divorce” – September 16
  • Matt Mikula is featured in the Divorce Magazine.com Financial Planning article “The Unlucky Housekeeper” – September 2013
  • Chad Carlson is quoted in “Beyond the benchmark: How advisors discuss performance“, Vanguard ETF Perspectives - Fall 2013
  • Mike Foltz is quoted in “Estate Planners Turn Focus to Income Tax“, The Wall Street Journal – September 7
  • Chad Carlson is quoted in “The Seven Deadly Sins of Investing”, The Wall Street Journal - August 31
  • BDF wins Investment News 2013 Best Practices Award
  • Heather Locus is featured in “True Grit”, InvestmentNews - July 28
  • Mark Balasa is featured in Morningstar.com video “Psychological Road Blocks to Retirement Income” – July 24
  • Heather Locus is featured in “Voices: Heather L. Locus, on Financially Responsible Children”, The Wall Street Journal Wealth Management Journal - July 23
  • Mark Balasa is featured in Morningstar.com video “Avoiding Today’s Lurking Behavioral Land Mines” – July 22
  • Chad Carlson is quoted in “Safer Short-Term Bond Funds See Outflows”, Weekend Investor The Wall Street Journal - July 5
  • Chad Carlson is quoted  in “Short-Term Bond Funds Not Immune to Selloff”, Wealth Management The Wall Street Journal - July 3
  • Chad Carlson is quoted in “At Midyear, Market Is More Jittery, Less Optimistic“, The Wall Street Journal – June 29
  • Mike Foltz attened the Illinois State Bar Association conference June 21.
  • Armond Dinverno attended Schwab EXPLORE 2013 in Arizona – June 19-21.
  • Chad Carlson attended the iRebal 7th Annual Users Conference June 18-19.
  • Heather Locus presented “Human Capital Management” at the TD Ameritrade 2013 Elite Summit in Palm Beach, FL – June 11-13.
  • Chad Carlson attended “Unconstrained Investing in a Post Style Box World” at JP Morgan – June 6
  • Julie Bucaro co-presented “Helping Aging Loved Ones Get Their Financial and Legal House in Order” with Arnstein & Lehr LLP in Chicago – May 23.
  • Heather Locus presented “Raising Financially Intelligent Children” at Charles Schwab – May 22
  • Chad Carlson attended the Dimensional Global Conference – May 21-23.
  • Mike Foltz is quoted in “Focus Shifts to State Estate-Tax Planning“, The Wall Street Journal - May 16.
  • Mark Balasa and Chad Carlson attended the Vanguard Investment Forum – May 15.
  •  Heather Locus is featured in “Prenups May Not Be Romantic, But Smart Biz Owners Embrace Them”, Crain’s Chicago Business - May 13
  • Stephen Kawasaki, Casey Shaw and Matt Haas attended the DFA Conference in Chicago – May 9-10.
  • Nick Cosky and Gary Pattengale attended the NAPFA National Conference in Las Vegas, NV – May 7-10.
  • Heather Locus presented “Couples and Money: Understanding and Overcoming Money Issues” at Allstate – May 9.
  • Heather Locus,  Julie Bucaro and Jen Lake presented “Financial Tips for Successful Women in Uncertain Times” on May 9th, 15th and 22nd at Charles Schwab.
  • Mike Foltz was appointed to serve as a member on the 2013-2014 Illinois State Bar Association’s Business Advice and Financial Planning Section Council.
  • Gary Pattengale presented “Making Ends Meet on a Tight Budget” at Allstate – May 7.
  • John Smith was quoted in “A Strategy for Business Owners to Avoid Investment Tax” in The Wall Street Journal - May 6
  • Nick Cosky and Matt Mikula presented “Dollars and Divorce: Navigating Through the Financial Uncertainties” at the Mediation Council of Illinois Conference held at Harper College – May 3.
  • Heather Locus attended the “Institute for Divorce Financial Analyst™ Conference” held in San Diego April 17-19.
  • Mark Balasa was quoted in “Some Clients Question Market as Volatility Returns“, in The Wall Street Journal – April 19.
  • Mark Balasa was quoted in “Goldenfreude: Skeptical Advisers Can’t Help Gloating” in Bloomberg.com – April 17. 
  • Armond Dinverno was featured in “Armond Dinverno builds a winning team” in InvestmentNews – April 17.
  • Watch our latest video, “Momentum.” This video features Mark Balasa, Chief Investment Officer & Founder, and Toby Moskowitz, Fama Family Professor of Finance (University of Chicago Booth School of Business) – April 12.
  • Matt Haas attended the “Clean Energy Challenge” hosted by the Clean Energy Trust – April 4.
  • Heather Locus testified at the House Judiciary Committee Hearing regarding Illinois House Bill 1029 legislation, the Uniform Collaborative Law Act – April 1.
  • Chad Carlson was featured in “Why Emerging Markets? Growth, Demographics and Yield” in AdvisorOne – March 19.
  • Armond Dinverno spoke on the panel for “The CFP’s Role in the Estate Planning Process” hosted by the NAPFA Midwest Estate Planning Symposium – March 14.
  • Heather Locus was quoted in “2013 Business Solutions Conference” on RIABiz.com – March 11.
  • Heather Locus participated in the “Breakout Growth Advisor Panel” at the FPA Conference – March 9.
  • Chad Carlson presented “Emerging Markets vs. Frontier: Where is the Growth Opportunity?” at the Inside ETFs conference – February 10-12.
  • Chad Carlson was quoted in “The 7 Financial Papers to Stash in Your Hurricane Survival Kit” in the Business Insider – October 29.
  • Mark Balasa attended PIMCO’s “Institute for Wealth Managers 2013″ – January 28-30.
  • Tom Collar and Heather Locus attended the 2013 AAML “Financial and Tax Issues in Divorce Conference”– January 21.
  • Mike Foltz attended the University of Miami’s “Heckerling Estate Planning Conference” – January 14-18.
  • Chad Carlson was featured in “Why I Own: VBK” in the ETF ReportJanuary 4.
  • BDF was featured in Crain’s Executive Guide: Wealth Management.
  • BDF was named one of the “Top 50 RIAs” by Financial Planning magazine.
  • BDF was named one of the 2013 “Best Places to Work in Illinois” by The Daily Herald Business Ledger.
  • Follow Chief Investment Officer, Mark Balasa, on Inc.com. 

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